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Sneak Peek: “No-Man’s Land” by Roger Jackson in EQUILIBRIUM OVERTURNED

No-Man's Land by Roger Jackson in Equilibrium Overturned from Grey Matter Press

Navigate the Blood-stained Fields of a Truly Private War.

During World War II, a regiment of English soldiers were the first to experience an unimaginable terror. Under siege from the onslaught of the Nazi war machine, they struggle to maintain their composure while continuing the battle. As mortars rain down from the darkened skies overhead, their commanding officer decides to take fate into his own hands. It isn’t long before a horror far more gruesome than the war itself overtakes the shattered platoon.

Experience the true horror of war in “No-Man’s Land” by Roger Jackson, featured in EQUILIBRIUM OVERTURNED: THE HEART OF DARKNESS AWAITS, available now at your favorite bookseller.


Step into “No-Man’s Land” by Roger Jackson


The black sky was filled with drifting rafts of cloud, turning the moonlight grey and souring the air with a dismal, sulphurous drizzle that chilled the blood. From somewhere along the front line he could hear the thunderous voice of a German artillery bombardment. The night had turned No-Man’s Land into a vast, impenetrable void around them, but Fisher didn’t need light to see its hellish topography, the endless miles of riven mud and tangles of barbed wire, the half-buried corpses of comrades and foe alike. He could see it every time he dared to close his eyes.

While McDermott sought out his matches, Fisher glanced to his right and saw Private Charlie Jenkins break off from the little cluster of soldiers he was talking with and hurry over to them, his boots splashing through the fetid water that rose inches deep in the trench. Charlie Jenkins, who claimed not to be superstitious but never went over the top without kissing the tarnished crucifix around his neck.

“Is it true?” Jenkins asked. “We heard—”

“He topped himself.” Fisher said quietly. “Aye, it’s true.”

Jenkins shook his head and pulled one of his foul-smelling roll-ups from the tobacco tin he kept in his overcoat pocket. “I can’t hardly believe it.”

“I can.” McDermott told them. “I’ve been expecting something like this for a while now.” He glanced speculatively at the officer’s dugout. “Never thought it would be old Hudson though.”

At last he found his matches and struck one, lighting first Fisher’s cigarette, then his own. Jenkins leaned forward with his own smoke, but McDermott ignored him and snuffed out the match.

“You know better than that now, don’t you, Charlie?” The Irishman smiled grimly.

Superstitious or not, Jenkins knew. There wasn’t a soldier in the trenches who hadn’t had a sleepless night thinking about the German snipers out there in the darkness, arming their rifles with bullets invisibly inscribed with British names. Three on a match was bad luck, all right. On the first light, Fritz got his range. The second and he gauged the windage. One more glow in the gloom and you were a dead man.

“It’s my last one anyway.” Jenkins scowled good-naturedly. “I think I’ll save it.”

Fisher took a pull on his own cigarette and frowned at McDermott. “What do you mean, ‘expecting this’?”

McDermott regarded him coolly. “Haven’t you heard the stories, Georgie lad? Haven’t you heard grown men whispering to each other in the middle of the night, like wee ones afraid of the dark? Whispering about the sights they’ve seen, out there in No-Man’s Land.” He drew on his cigarette, the orange glow reflected in his small, bloodshot eyes. “There’s worse things waiting for you out there than just dying, Georgie. Much worse.”

Jenkins chuckled bitterly. “What could be worse than dying, you daft sod?”

The Irishman licked his lips and spat into the puddle of muddy water at his feet before replying. “Coming back afterwards, maybe.”

Fisher looked at him as though the other man had lost his mind. For all Fisher knew, McDermott had. “That’s bloody ridiculous—” he began, but then turned when he heard someone calling his name…



EQUILIBRIUM OVERTURNED  is a fourteen-story volume of dark fiction spanning the genres of horror, science fiction, fantasy and speculative fiction. From the discovery of dangerous alien civilizations, to demonic incursions from beyond the event horizon, to some truly shocking revelations about what President Andrew Jackson actually knew about the wild West, they’re all included in this thrilling volume that is already a bestseller.

In EQUILIBRIUM OVERTURNED  you will explore a wide range of diverse subjects covered in the tales of approaching evil. Themes run the gamut from stories of dystopian future societies, post-apocalyptic survival adventures, horrifying visions of dangerous new worlds and allegorical fantasies that will drive a nail through the heart of humanity.


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