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12, Some Streeet, 12550 New York, USA
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We Want to Disturb the Hell Out of You.


Dark Horror

We say it all time; but it’s true. If you like dark and creepy, you’ve found a new place for all your fiction needs here at Grey Matter Press (GMP).

Dark fiction is at the core of we do. Especially horror. In 2013, we were a new face in independent genre fiction publishing. Since then we’ve produced numerous volumes of award-nominated and critically acclaimed novels, novellas, anthologies and collections.

If your interests include themes of unrelenting dread, brooding tension and concepts that keep you up at night, you’ll find what you’re looking for at GMP.


Dark Fantasy

We view dark fantasy as work that twists one’s sense of reality, whether real or imagined, into a disturbed and oppressively dark work of literary art. Grey Matter Press works with authors that create unimaginable worlds that can be far, far away, or even right next door. If you’re looking for fiction that takes you into a world of shadows where science, supernatural and evil collide, then you’ve come to the right place.


Speculative Fiction

What is speculative fiction without some darkness thrown in? We work with the freshest voices that dwell in the world of supernatural, dystopian, fantastical and post-apocalyptic fiction. If you’re looking for visions that are dark and brooding, visceral and disturbing, take a trip through our universe.


Extreme Horror

While many may think Splatterpunk has gone the way of the VCR (and at just about the same time), we believe it remains a viable movement that continues to revolutionize genre fiction. Grey Matter Press is committed to taking back the reigns of Splatter and bringing it firmly into the mainstream where it deserves to have its voice heard.