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Announcing Splatterlands



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Date: July 18, 2013


Grey Matter Press Releases Contributor List, Cover Art and Micro-Site


CHICAGO— Almost three decades ago, a literary movement was started by a group of horror authors that forever changed the entertainment industry. This fall, Grey Matter Press will breathe new life into the cause when it seeks to reawaken the Splatterpunk revolution with the release of its Splatterlands anthology of visceral horror short stories.

Called a collection of “personal, intelligent and subversive” horror, Splatterlands: Reawakening the Splatterpunk Revolution will be published by Grey Matter Press in the fall of 2013. Today, the Chicago-based publisher of dark fiction announced the line-up of contributing authors whose work will be featured in Splatterlands. This collection, the latest in a long line of highly anticipated anthologies to be released by Grey Matter Press throughout the remainder of this year, includes the work of some of the most well-respected authors writing in horror today.

Splatterlands seeks to reawaken the hyperintensive writing style and disturbing themes that were indicative of the original Splatterpunk authors whose work and graphic depictions of the true effects of violence and terror has fundamentally changed the way both horror and entertainment media is approached today. The new anthology will be published as a single bone-crunching volume that includes stories of personal, intelligent and subversive horror intended to evoke the original 1986 movement.

“The term ‘Splatterpunk’ was originally coined in an effort to categorize a wave within horror fiction that sought to address what many authors at that time felt was the general homogenization and highly diluted nature of horror being produced in the mid-80s,” explained Editor Anthony Rivera. “The original Splatterpunks included some of the most brilliant writers of all time, with many of their pieces containing some of the most graphic, most visceral and darkly violent stories ever penned. Considered both disturbing and thought-provoking, this truly ground-breaking work now influences almost every aspect of modern crime, thriller, horror and general entertainment media. The Splatterpunks were honestly literary revolutionaries, and we intend to honor their achievements with Splatterlands.”

Co-edited by Anthony Rivera and Sharon Lawson, the Splatterlands collection consists of 13 short stories of truly disturbing work that Rivera calls “horror with a point.” The collection features the diverse work of both well-known and emerging authors from the horror, science fiction and fantasy fields, including World Horror Convention Grand Master and original Splatterpunk, Ray Garton.

“With Splatterlands, we want to reawaken the spirit of the Splatterpunk movement by offering a collection of dark fiction that goes beyond gore for the sake of gore,” explained Rivera. “Each of the stories selected to appear in Splatterlands include those elements any fan of extreme horror might expect—sometimes shocking, usually disturbing, often graphic depictions of violence. But what truly sets Splatterlands apart is the fact that each piece, on a fundamental level, is deeply intelligent with very personal meanings that are sure to affect all our readers in completely different ways. Splatterlands is going to make you re-consider everything you believe you know about Splatterpunk and extreme horror. The stories are going to grab you, and they will not let go until long after you have closed the book.”

“We call it ‘horror with a point,’” explained Lawson, “as we honestly feel that horror can be considered literature. Each superbly written piece in this collection is going to hit home on a very dark, disturbing level. Sure, readers are going to be thrilled with scenes intended to give you the heebie-jeebies, as well as those that are terribly violent. But that is the way of the world. Splatterlands doesn’t sugar-coat reality. The collection explores the concepts of murder, betrayal, religion, abuse, societal issues, greed, mental instability, sexual assault and more in an honest, intelligent manner.”

After months of anticipation, Grey Matter Press released the list of contributing authors whose work will be appearing in Splatterlands. “Much like our Dark Visions collection, we’ve assembled a diverse group of talent whose characters, themes and concepts are going to appeal to both fans of extreme horror as well as those more comfortable with general dark horror fiction,” said Lawson. “The collection is, by no means, tame. The themes are going to disturb while also making you think about your own concept of reality.”

The list of contributors to Splatterlands includes Ray Garton, James S. Dorr, Michael Laimo, Gregory L. Norris, Eric Del Carlo, J. Michael Major, Allen Griffin, Paul M. Collrin, Michele Garber, Chad Stroup, A.A. Garrison, Christine Morgan, and Jack Maddox. Each piece will feature an original illustration from Britain’s Carrion House and the highly talented Luke Spooner. The complete Table of Contents, including a list of contributors and their story titles, is available at the Splatterlands website located at: http://www.splatterlands.com.

Cover art for Splatterlands was created by the Grey Matter Press design team whose job it was to convey the essence of the collection—dark, disturbing and graphically violent with a nod to intelligence. “It was our intention to create a subtle, yet intriguing design for Splatterlands,” explains Lawson. “In order to break through the clutter, while also conveying the disturbing nature of the pieces, we believe that what we’ve come up with truly straddles the razor’s edge.” View the cover artwork and learn more about Splatterlands: Reawakening the Splatterpunk Revolution at http://www.splatterlands.com.

Splatterlands: Reawakening the Splatterpunk Revolution will be published in both digital and paperback versions and will be available for purchase at your favorite online booksellers.


Grey Matter Press is a Chicago-based publisher whose mission it is to find and cultivate the best voices working in the dark fiction genre. We are committed to the producing only the finest products containing exceptional tales of horror, fantasy, science fiction and speculative fiction. More information about Grey Matter Press is available at: http://www.greymatterpress.com.

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