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Author: greymatter

Sneak Peek: “Queen of Thermodynamic Equilibrium” by Josh R. Vogt in EQUILIBRIUM OVERTURNED

Experience the Blasphemy of Life. The organization known as Immortalis is dedicated to eliminating death throughout the galaxy. But a resistance fighter, believing death should continue as the powerful cleansing force it is, has other plans. Taking her quest to the wreckage of a derelict intergalactic battleship haunted by the ghosts of war, she...

Sneak Peek: “The Butcher of Gad Street” by Stephen T. Vessels in EQUILIBRIUM OVERTURNED

The Difference Between Good and Evil is Not Entirely Clear. Acrid has always believed he was put on earth to serve a special, yet elusive, purpose. This role is finally realized when a citywide riot sparks a dark adventure that threatens to undermine society as he pursues the evil forces responsible, ultimately revealing his...