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Author: greymatter

“I Can Taste the Blood” by John F.D. Taff in I CAN TASTE THE BLOOD

  Is there something killing Smalltown, USA? For centuries, rural towns scattered across the country have fueled the engine that is America. But lately, these communities and their salt-of-the-earth populations have been steadily dying, slowly disappearing over the years to become mere shadows of their previous selves. Might there be something ominous lurking behind the...

Dark Fiction Bestsellers – April 2016

  Readers Continue Looking Toward an Ominous Future, Placing Long-time Bestseller at Top of List for April   CHICAGO, May 21, 2016—The old adage about dogs and their tricks seems to be accurate as dark fiction fans continue to embrace visions of a terrifying future as OMINOUS REALITIES  beats out the newcomer, also known as "The One Whose...