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Author: Sharon Lawson

Author Spotlight – Shawn Macomber

Step into the world of author, journalist and noted pug wrangler, Shawn Macomber. A New Hampshire native now living in New York City, Macomber is an accomplished journalist whose reporting and interviews have been published in mainstream magazines Decibel, FANGORIA, Shock Till You Drop and more. But Macomber's writing isn't confined to journalistic pursuits. He...

Your Story Just Doesn’t Work for Me!

  "You're story just doesn't work for me. What does that mean?"   Bennie Long contacted us with the following question. Bennie asked, "When you get a rejection and all it says is, 'It just doesn't work for me,' or some variation of that, are they trying to tell you in a nice way you suck and...

What Makes a Character Active?

  "If the main character is a victim, how can it be active?" asks Aryan Manoj.   Aryan has posed an excellent question. Aryan is writing a horror story and has, perhaps, heard editors or "experts" say that the central character should be active. We are told that in this story, the main character is a...

When Does “Dark” Become Mundane?

  "When does 'dark' become mundane?" asks Jeannie Alderdice.   This question, which comes from Jeannie Alderdice, seems a like a great way to kick off our “Ask Grey Matter Press Q&A” Column. Labeling a piece of literature as “dark” is, arguably, highly subjective. There are probably many people who consider the Twilight series of books to...