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Author Spotlight

Author Spotlight – Graham Masterton

What do sex-instruction books and horror classic The Manitou have in common? Why it's author Graham Masterton, of course! Masterton went from writing How To Drive Your Man Wild In Bed to penning the critically acclaimed classic that now sits on every self-respecting horror fan's bookshelf. Currently residing in Surrey, England, he tells us...

Author Spotlight – Ray Garton

Meet Ray Garton, the author who defends his neighbors from drugged-out maniacs. California resident Ray Garton has had an illustrious career spanning decades that includes novels, novellas and short fiction. He is the author of such fan favorites as Live Girls, Scissors, and his popular Frankenstorm series, which received a tweeted shout-out from Stephen...

Writers as Editors, Never the Twain Should Meet. So Says Editor (and Writer) Paul Michael Anderson

Meet Paul Michael Anderson, a talented author and vocal editor who's not afraid to call a spade a spade when it comes to the fiction he publishes and who's also the man Harlan Ellison calls "kiddo." A resident of the great Commonwealth of Virginia, Anderson spreads himself around between teaching, writing, editing and rescuing...