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New Releases

Matt Andrew Shares His Thoughts on “On the Threshold” by William Meikle

&nbsp Matt Andrew on "On the Threshold" by William Meikle in DREAD: A HEAD FULL OF BAD DREAMS Projection: if intruder organism reaches civilized areas…entire world population infected 27,000 hours from first contact. In the 1982 film The Thing, the above warning scrolled across Doctor Blair’s computer as he calculated the impact on human life if...

“Pure Blood and Evergreen” by Bracken MacLeod in DREAD: A HEAD FULL OF BAD DREAMS

  What is the price of a dangerous friendship? Two young boys, strangers from different villages, develop a mutual friendship while struggling to survive the harsh conditions of an internment camp. Together, the boy's actions set off a chain of events that leave their lives, and those of everyone they know, hanging in a dangerous...