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Open Call for Submissions to “MONSTERS”

  CLOSED as of 11:59pm JANUARY 30, 2015 - Thanks for all the Submissions! There are real-live monsters all around us. All you have to do to find them is open your eyes.   For our next anthology of horror, MONSTERS  (this is the working title and is likely to change), we're looking for your best original horror fiction...

Announcing Submission Calls for “Death’s Realm”

  Now Accepting Short Story Submissions What happens after death? That's the question Grey Matter Press would like you to answer. For our next anthology--working title "Death’s Realm"--we're looking for dark, horrifying tales exploring themes from "the great beyond.” We do not want to limit your creativity with a narrowly themed collection, so "Death’s Realm" will include works...

Open Calls for ‘Ominous Realities’

  Submissions Closed on May 5, 2012 We are looking for your Speculative Horror Fiction. As long as it is dark and dreadful. For our upcoming anthology ‘Ominous Realities,’ we’re looking for the darkest voices working in the areas of Science Fiction, Science Fantasy and Speculative Horror Fiction. Whether your vision includes alien intervention, biblical apocalypse,...

Open Calls for ‘Splatterlands’

  Submissions Closed on December 21, 2012 The Splatterpunk Revolution is alive and well at Grey Matter Press. For our upcoming anthology ‘Splatterlands,’ we are looking for the loudest voices working in the genre of Splatterpunk fiction today. If you consider your work to be “hyperintensive horror without limitation,” then ‘Splatterlands’ may be for you. If...