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Secrets of the Weird Arrives

NEW DARK URBAN FANTASY NOVEL EXPOSES A DEEPLY DISTURBING WORLD WHERE NOTHING IS WHAT IT SEEMS Counterculture Horror Novel Secrets of the Weird Takes a Hardcore Look at the Taboos and Mores of Modern Society   CHICAGO, July 11, 2017 —A cadre of drag queens, neo-Nazis, prostitutes and flesh-eating cannibals take readers on a deeply disturbing...


TIRED HORROR TROPES DEMOLISHED BY EMPOWERED FEMALE LEADS AS DARK ADVENTURE SERIES KICKS OFF WITH THE DEVIL’S TRILL New Occult Detective Series is a Thrilling Historical Mash-up of Sherlock Holmes and Buffy, the Vampire Slayer The year 2016 marks the year of the woman at Grey Matter Press with the December release of the first chapter in...

Short Fiction by Jay Caselberg — “Early”

  Jay Caselberg Kicks Off 'Death and Dying' Tour with Short Fiction Based on Actual Ghost Encounter   CHICAGO, Apr. 16, 2015—Author Jay Caselberg begins the 16-day DEATH'S REALM  Death and Dying Tour with a very special guest post on the Grey Matter Press website -- his short story "Early," based on a terrifying personal experience with the...

FLASH MASTERS 3 Arrives Wednesday 8/27

  FLASH MASTERS 3 IS NOW LIVE - CLICK HERE TO ENTER You asked for it; you got it! The third installment of the monthly Grey Matter Press Flash Fiction Contest, FLASH MASTERS, begins this Wednesday, August 27th. FLASH MASTERS is a Flash Fiction Contest that celebrates the exceptional creativity among current and up-and-coming authors...

Dark Visions 1

Dark Visions: A Collection of Modern Horror takes readers on a terrifying psychological journey with exceptional tales of darkness by some of the most talented authors working in the fields of horror, speculative fiction and fantasy today. Unable to contain all the visions of dread and mayhem to a single anthology, Dark Visions will be a two-volume...