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journey through darkness
A mind-bending journey through the past, present and future with Paul Kane. Before  opens in a psychiatric hospital in 1970s Germany where a patient nearing the end of his life speaks again for the first time in years. Fast-forward to England today where college professor Alex Webber is celebrating his birthday with family and friends, an occasion that unexpectedly sends him into a terrifying downward spiral where he is plagued by a series of disturbing, hallucinatory visions that threaten his own life and, ultimately, becomes a high-stakes gamble for the souls of all humanity.
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seeing double

even monsters can love
Known for her distinctive brand of unsettling fiction, author Karen Runge is at the top of the modern horror game in this, her premiere novel. Seeing Double is a beautifully evocative and stunningly dark coming-of-age exploration of human sexuality and the roles of masculinity and feminism, polyamorous relationships, social and psychological isolation, and the humiliation of ultimate betrayal.
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secrets of the weird

welcome to sweetville where nothing is sweet
Embark on a remarkable journey from Chad Stroup that’s equal parts irreverent social commentary, revisionist dystopia, dark fantasy and horrifying reality when you travel to the unforgettable world of Sweetville’s counterculture of Neo-Nazis, prostitutes and punks where a host of sometimes dangerous, often deviant and always dark secrets are waiting to be revealed. Such secrets refuse to be confined to Sweetville. But instead will come home with you. Changing everything. Forever.
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the devil's trill

travels into the arcane
Diabolical evil stalks the English countryside as childhood friends become entangled in a treacherous game of cat-and-mouse when they face off with a hellish creature bent on their destruction. So begins the saga of Sarah and Tabitha in The Devil’s Trill, the first chapter of The Ladies Bristol Occult Adventures series, a collection of thrilling supernatural adventures for all ages.
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