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Seeing Double

even monsters can love

sex, violence, abuse and betrayal
A trio of expats living in Asia form a tenuous bond based on mutual attraction, sexual obsession and the insatiable desire to experience the deadliest of thrills.

As their relationship matures, the dangerous love triangle in which they’ve become entwined quickly escalates into a series of brutal sexual conquests as they struggle to deal with lives spinning out of control and the debilitating psychological effects mental and physical abuse.

“Storytelling that really gets under your skin, making your flesh crawl.”

— George Ilett Anderson, Ginger Nuts of Horror

“Plumb[s] the depths of depravity, the extremes of pleasure and pain, and the shadowed realm in between.”

— W.J. Renehan, Dark Hall Press

“Runge is a dark fiction diamond. Seeing Double is 50 Shades of seriously dark s***!

Beavis the Bookhead

“Eloquent in its horror, that’s what Seeing Double is.

Unnerving Magazine

seeing double

Known for her distinctive brand of unsettling fiction, author Karen Runge is at the top of the modern horror game in this, her premiere novel. Seeing Double  is a beautifully evocative and stunningly dark coming-of-age exploration of human sexuality and the roles of masculinity and feminism, polyamorous relationships, social and psychological isolation, and the humiliation of ultimate betrayal.

karen runge

Karen Runge is a horror writer, sometimes an artist, and teaches adults English as a second language. Several of her short stories have been published in her collection Seven Sins. And two of her short stories appear in Grey Matter Press anthologies Savage Beasts and Death’s Realm. Jack Ketchum once told her: “Karen, you scare me.”

grey matter press

Seeing Double  arrives July 25th to join the expanding catalog from the Chicago-based independent publisher Grey Matter Press. With a long line of critically acclaimed titles in its four-year history, the publisher continues to push the envelope on what defines genre fiction with a series of successful releases and Bram Stoker Award®-nominated titles.


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Seeing Double is now available in trade paperback and all common digital formats wherever fine books are sold.