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Suspended in Dusk II

sometimes seconds are more than you can handle

arriving in 2018 to continue the tradition
The time of dusk is that time between times, the time between the light and the dark. It’s the grey area we all find ourselves in now and again. It’s the fulcrum. The tipping point. The penultimate moment of change where things either come good, or go very, very wrong. And the stories in Suspended in Dusk II swing the pendulum to the dark side where it stops until the last page is turned.

It was three years ago that the first volume of editor Simon Dewar’s “Suspended in Dusk” franchise was published, and dark fiction fans worldwide responded with their terrified screams. In 2018, the second installment arrives from Grey Matter Press. And it’s about to turn up the darkness and usher in far more change.

suspended in dusk ii

“In Suspended in Dusk II you’ll find work to make you shiver and shudder, quake and quail. You’ll partake of the terrors that Stephen Graham Jones, Damien Angelica Walters, Alan Baxter, Sarah Read, Nerine Dorman, JC Michael, Benjamin Knox, Paul Tremblay, Ramsey Campbell, Letitia Trent, Paul Michael Anderson, Gwendoyln Kiste, Bracken Macleod, Christopher Golden, Dan Rabarts, Annie Neugebauer, and Karen Runge all have in store for you. But you won’t put the book down, or not for long anyway.” — Angela Slatter

simon dewar

Editor Simon Dewar lives in Canberra, Australia. By day he is an Infrastructure Systems Engineer, specializing in building complex environments, application deployments and implementation of virtualization technologies. By night he writes terrifying and gruesome tales.

Dewar’s short stories can be found in a variety of anthologies, including “High Art,” written with Karen Runge, in  Deaths Realm from Grey Matter Press. “The Kettle” can be found in Bloody Parchment: The Root Cellar and Other Stories, and “The Wire Bird” was published in the anthology The Sea. He previously curated and edited Suspended in Dusk I which is now out of print.

grey matter press

Upon its release in early 2018, Suspended in Dusk II will be the first anthology published by Grey Matter Press since its blockbuster release Peel Back the Skin in 2016 and the first anthology curated by Simon Dewar. With a long line of critically acclaimed titles in its five-year history, the publisher continues to push the envelope on what defines genre fiction with a series of successful releases and multiple Bram Stoker Award®-nominated titles.


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Suspended in Dusk II is available in trade paperback and common digital ebook versions wherever fine books are sold.