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The Bell Witch

a legendary american haunting

sometimes the scariest tales are true
It’s 1817, and Tennessee is on the western frontier as America expands into the unknown. In idyllic Adams County, home of the Bell family, there exists a collection of tight-knit rural communities with deeply held beliefs. And even more deeply buried secrets.

Jack and Lucy Bell operate a prosperous family farm northwest of Nashville where life with their many children is peaceful. Simple country life. That is until those secrets take on a life of their own and refuse to remain unspoken.

Much has been written about the legend of the Bell Witch of Tennessee, but the details of the Bell family’s terrifying experience with the supernatural have never been told in quite the way that Bram Stoker Award-nominated horror author John F.D. Taff has conceived. In his novel, for the first time, the Witch has her own say. And what she reveals about the incident and the dark motivations behind her appearance reaches way beyond a traditional haunting.

Forget what you’ve read about this wholly American legend. What you believe you know about the mysterious occurrences on the Bell farm are wrong. Uncover the long-hidden reality that’s far more horrifying than any ghost story you’ve ever heard.

“Fans of great ghost stories now have cause for celebration.”


“An outstanding read.”

Truly Disturbing

“A compelling and frightening read.”

Ain’t it Cool News

An American Haunting meets Casper!”


the bell witch

Inspired by actual events, The Bell Witch opens as a series of horrifying supernatural events plague a family in rural Tennessee after three young boys from the Bell family stumble into a remote cave in the nearby woods. Their actions in this legendary haunting trigger a chain of terrifying events that torment the family over the next several years. As the Bell’s struggle to come to grips with what seems to be their new reality, the truths behind the incident quickly become far more disturbing than anyone first imagined.

john f.d. taff

John F.D. Taff is the Bram Stoker Award®-nominated author who has been writing for nearly 30 years, and has more than 90 short stories and five novels in print. His collection of novellas, The End in All Beginnings, was published by Grey Matter Press.  Jack Ketchum called it “the best novella collection I’ve read in years.” Taff’s work also appears in Dark Visions I, Ominous Realities, Death’s Realm and Savage Beasts among many others.  He lives in the wilds of Illinois with a wife, two cats and three pugs.

grey matter press

The Bell Witch is one of five other titles that comprise the complete genre fiction library of author John F.D. Taff, only available from the Chicago-based independent publisher Grey Matter Press. With a long line of critically acclaimed titles in its five-year history, the publisher continues to push the envelope on what defines genre fiction with a series of successful releases and multiple Bram Stoker Award®-nominated titles.


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