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The Devil’s Trill

travels into the arcane

occult adventures for all ages
Like a dark version of Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson trapped in a world of the macabre, two friends from Bristol open forbidden doorways into the arcane and mystical realm of the occult and awaken the deadly forces that reside within.

“The thing across the way billowed like funeral drapery. It stood upon two stilt legs and wound its torso about the bedposts, somehow rigid and boneless in the same instant, fluttering upon a breeze only it felt. A sour stench filled the air, fetid and cloying and strangely familiar.

“It slithered free of the bed, gathered itself into some semblance of a man and stalked forward. The beast crossed the room in two strides. She drew in a great breath, but a fleshy limb cinched about her jaw and held her screams checked in her throat. The beast’s face lay inches away. Though it lacked eyes and ears and nose, she knew the appendage to be such, for the pit which must be its mouth puckered open and closed. It spat a single word into the air: Liar.”

the devil's trill

Diabolical evil stalks the English countryside as childhood friends become entangled in a treacherous game of cat-and-mouse when they face off with a hellish creature bent on their destruction. So begins the saga of Sarah and Tabitha in The Devil’s Trill, the first chapter of The Ladies Bristol Occult Adventures series, a collection of thrilling supernatural adventures from the mind of horror and dark fantasy author Rhoads Brazos.

rhoads brazos

Rhoads Brazos writes in a variety of genres, including sci-fi, horror, weird fiction, fantasy, and magical realism. His short story “Omniscopic” was published in the Grey Matter Press anthology Death’s Realm. The Devil’s Trill is his first novel. Brazos lives on the dry side of Colorado with his wife and son

grey matter press

The Devil’s Trill is the first adventure in an all-ages horror series that joins the expanding catalog from the Chicago-based independent publisher Grey Matter Press. With a long line of critically acclaimed titles in its four-year history, the publisher continues to push the envelope on what defines genre fiction with a series of successful releases and Bram Stoker Award®-nominated titles.


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The Devil’s Trill is now available in trade paperback and all common digital formats wherever fine books are sold.