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Open Call for Submissions to “MONSTERS”

Open Call for submissions to Monsters from Grey Matter Press


CLOSED as of 11:59pm JANUARY 30, 2015 – Thanks for all the Submissions!

There are real-live monsters all around us.
All you have to do to find them is open your eyes.


For our next anthology of horror, MONSTERS  (this is the working title and is likely to change), we’re looking for your best original horror fiction that investigates the evil that lives among us—the monster that is man.

MONSTERS will include a selection of dark fiction focusing on ‘man as monster.’ We are looking for your most horrifying, most dreadful, most frightening tales that highlight the creatures that haunt your nightmares, or even those who may live down the block. For this anthology we want your dark, chilling, character-driven tales portraying the deadliest monsters of all—mankind.

While we are not specifically looking for stories whose characters, setting or plot include classic horror monsters—werewolves or vampires and their ilk—we will not disqualify such tales as, on the most basic of levels, these classic monsters are still (or once were) human. Although, stories that include such famous fiends should, at minimum, put a new spin on the theme or have a brand new take on the chosen horror monster.

What we most definitely do want to read are stories that encapsulate the dark and demented behavior of the monster that lives next door (or maybe even the one who lives in your own house…) Serial killers. Demented clowns. Vengeful mothers-in-law. The possibilities are, literally, endless.

As with our current catalog of bestselling anthologies, we do not want to limit your creativity with a narrow theme. We expect MONSTERS  will include a wide range of stories of monsters from every category, with the common denominator being that they must have some connection with their humanity.

Anywhere your mind takes, so long as it takes you on a journey to investigate the darkness with mankind, will be considered for this anthology that is planned for publication in 2015.

Please review our Complete Submissions Guidelines below. Feel free to contact us here on the site with any questions with a message to submissions@greymatterpress.com.

We thank you for your interest in considering Grey Matter Press as a potential home for your work.

*MONSTERS  is the working title for this volume. Grey Matter Press reserves the right to change the title as necessary.


WORD COUNT: 3,000 – 7,500 words

REPRINTS: We are not accepting reprints for MONSTERS

DEADLINE: Friday, January 30, 2015

PAYMENT: $0.05US/per word (5 cents per word) up to 5,000 words, for each edited manuscript accepted into the anthology

FORMATS: *.docx, *.doc, *.txt, *.rtf

CONTACT ADDRESS: submissions@greymatterpress.com

Acceptable File Formats: Grey Matter Press wants to make your submission process easy and painless. We accept manuscripts that are *.docx, *.doc, .txt or .rtf file formats. If you have any questions about the formatting of your manuscript, feel free to contact us directly at submissions@greymatterpress.com

Digital Submissions: Unfortunately, we cannot accept reprints. (Reprints also include any work that has appeared online in magazines, journals, personal websites or any other online location.) Only previously unpublished work will be accepted. We will accept your submission via email at submissions@greymatterpress.com. Subject lines should contain name of Anthology and the title of the story being submitted. (ex: MONSTERS – ‘Title of Story.’

Font Usage and General Formatting: We request that all files be submitted double-spaced, using either Arial or Times New Roman 12 point font. Page margins should be no less than .5 inch on all borders. Please do not MANUALLY INSERT HEADERS and/or FOOTERs. If using headers/footers, please employ standard Word header/footer tools rather than manually inserting such into the body of your Word document.

Proofreading: As with any professional communication, all manuscripts should be edited and proofread prior to submission.

Distribution: Upon acceptance, Grey Matter Press will hold all exclusive worldwide publishing rights for the period defined within the author contract (generally 18 months from original publication date). Copyright remains that of the author. At the end of that term, publishing rights revert to the original author, with Grey Matter Press retaining distribution rights for the format(s) originally contracted.

Contributor Copies: All contributors whose work is accepted and published in the anthology will, in the case of digital publishing, receive a digital copy of the complete anthology, and in the case of paperback publishing, will receive one copy of the anthology. (Additional copies may be purchased by contributing authors at greatly reduced cost and will be outlined in contributor contract.)

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at submissions@greymatterpress.com.



Comments: 30

  • Roger Jackson November 20, 201411:11 pm

    This is VERY exciting news! 🙂

  • Robert Lowell Russell November 22, 20141:06 pm

    I have two questions: 1) Do you accept simultaneous submissions? 2) Would you consider a 2700 word story if it was a good fit thematically?


  • Inn November 23, 20146:29 pm

    Hello, I also have a couple questions: 1) What are the guidelines re: “foul” language. Are curse words allowed, granted that it’s not gratuitous and fits the character narrative? 2) Can the story have horror-comedy elements blended into it, or is it a straight-up no-nonsense kind of deal?


    • Inn November 23, 20146:36 pm

      (I guess what I mean by horror comedy is dark humor as well as comic elements, in addition to the scary stuff.)

      • Inn November 23, 20148:49 pm

        Haha! Okay I got you ; )

        And that’s good that the format is diverse, as far as my story goes. That really gives me room to work my mojo.

        Thank you for your swift and helpful response.

  • Tom Johnstone November 27, 201411:55 am

    What is your policy for this anthology on multiple submissions? Thanks.

  • Robert Whitman November 30, 20143:09 am

    Does it matter who the monster is? Must it be the main character?

    • Inn December 1, 20148:24 pm

      I don’t think so. Your other main characters should be well-rounded enough so that it doesn’t matter. As long as there’s interesting characters in the fold I would say it doesn’t really matter who the monster is, just as long as there is one in the story.

    • Inn December 1, 20148:43 pm

      *just as long as long as there is one in the story and he or she is doing some f*d up stuff I think that’s the main thing. (ALL my characters are f*d up man, smh..)

  • MN December 2, 20144:25 pm

    Is there a best-guess publication date in 2015? Also, is the 18 month post-publication period hard and fast? Seems like a long period for exclusive rights (as opposed to a year). Might this be wavered if, say, the author wished to include the story in his own collection a year from publication?

  • Travis West December 2, 20147:22 pm

    Do you accept submissions from other countries? Countries like, say, Canada?

  • bill December 3, 20149:17 pm

    When we will discover if we make the cut.

  • Gordon Petry December 27, 20141:54 am

    Would you like the story in an attachment or should I just copy and paste it?

  • Charlie Bookout December 27, 201410:44 pm

    Hello. I have a story that was read some time ago on the podcast Pseudopod but has never appeared in print, neither paper nor digital. Under those circumstances, might it be considered for your anthology, or is it still technically a reprint?

  • John December 31, 20141:03 am

    How strict are you with the word count? I have a story that is around the 2k mark I’d like to submit.


  • Kristina January 5, 201510:06 pm

    Exactly how firm is the 7,500 upper word limit? I have a story that’s around 8,000 that I’d like to submit. (It isn’t in its final, ready to submit form yet, so I might be able to shorten it.) Thanks.

  • Jack X McCallum January 14, 20156:05 pm

    Hi All –

    My first submission in a VERY long time, was just sent today. I have requested a quick reply to let me know if the attachment was rec’d by you (I realize you need time to evaluate each story and let people now if it was accepted or rejected). Is that a fair request? let me know, and thank you for having open submissions!

  • Jack X McCallum January 14, 20156:08 pm

    *hyperventilates after seeing typo in question above*

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  • nrb January 16, 20159:34 pm

    hi, there. am wondering what you want in the body of the email, i.e. word count, cover letter etc?


  • nrb January 17, 20152:20 pm

    A final quick question – are you accepting multiple submissions?

  • dj barber January 29, 201512:34 am

    I’m also interested in if you’re accepting multiple submissions.

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