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Sneak Peek: “Queen of Thermodynamic Equilibrium” by Josh R. Vogt in EQUILIBRIUM OVERTURNED

Queen of Thermodynamic Equilibrium by Josh R. Vogt in Equilibrium Overturned from Grey Matter Press

Experience the Blasphemy of Life.

The organization known as Immortalis is dedicated to eliminating death throughout the galaxy. But a resistance fighter, believing death should continue as the powerful cleansing force it is, has other plans. Taking her quest to the wreckage of a derelict intergalactic battleship haunted by the ghosts of war, she seeks to breathe new life into old death.

Save the life of death with the “Queen of Thermodynamic Equilibrium” by Josh R. Vogt, featured in EQUILIBRIUM OVERTURNED: THE HEART OF DARKNESS AWAITS, available now at your favorite bookseller.


Take a trip with the “Queen of Thermodynamic Equilibrium” by Josh R. Vogt


Sirilly gazed out her viewport and battled annoyance as Iomund bounced on his toes beside her. Just a few more hours, she told herself. Then she could spill his blood, end his nettlesome behaviors, and achieve her destiny, all in one stroke.

“Can you believe it?” he asked. “We’re almost there. I can feel the necros calling to me.”

She glanced around at the fifty other passengers, checking for eavesdroppers. Fortunately, the other tour members paid more attention to the planet and ship coming into view than her companion’s agitated state.

“Compose yourself,” she said out of the corner of her mouth. “The rest of these heathens may be here to gawk, but I expect more dignity from you.”

He ducked his head. “Sorry, Priestess. It’s just so…momentous.”

“Yes, well see that you are not carried away by the moment, and instead center yourself within it. Therein lies freedom from the bonds of life.”

“I submit to your wisdom, Beloved of Oblivion. And to your beauty, which shames the brightest nebula. Death himself would have you for a bride.”

She curled a lip up at his fawning, but couldn’t help brushing down her ceremonial raiment. All manner of printjems—a dazzling array of multi-faceted, multi-colored rods, orbs, panels and more—bedecked the black silky material, patterned in a subtle galactic swirl from her neck down to her ankles without interfering with any movement. It made her seem cut from a swath of the heavens themselves.

She’d wanted to gene-tweak her skin to translucent to optimize aura receptivity, but the expense had proven too great. She’d already sacrificed enough, as it was, and this journey couldn’t be delayed for vanity’s sake.

As Iomund drifted off to find refreshments, she studied the rest of the group. Alongside the usual wealthy delinquents or retirees, a group of astro-archaeological students, a dozen hivemind clones and a cluster of sentient observation drones rounded out the ship’s roster. She hadn’t picked up on any undue attention directed their way, but she refused to lower her guard.

Any of them could be an Immortalis agent.

She knew the organization had tracked her as far as Albius XII, but once she and Iomund had switched shuttles she’d lost any sign of a tail. This didn’t reassure her any, though. For a galaxy-spanning institution committed to eradicating Death from the human race, she admired their tenacity almost as much as she despised their audacity.

Death was an eternal, universal force. It was the prime element of reality. How dare they think to dethrone and replace it with human hubris? Blasphemy.

So far her quest had proceeded unhindered. Yet despite her precautions, they may have still sent someone to stop her. She had to rely on subtlety, even in these final hours…



EQUILIBRIUM OVERTURNED  is a fourteen-story volume of dark fiction spanning the genres of horror, science fiction, fantasy and speculative fiction. From the discovery of dangerous alien civilizations, to demonic incursions from beyond the event horizon, to some truly shocking revelations about what President Andrew Jackson actually knew about the wild West, they’re all included in this thrilling volume that is already a bestseller.

In EQUILIBRIUM OVERTURNED  you will explore a wide range of diverse subjects covered in the tales of approaching evil. Themes run the gamut from stories of dystopian future societies, post-apocalyptic survival adventures, horrifying visions of dangerous new worlds and allegorical fantasies that will drive a nail through the heart of humanity.


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