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Sneak Peek: “Violence for Fun and Profit”

Violence for Fun and Profit by Gregory L. Norris in Splatterlands anthology



We live in times where corporate avarice and hubris rules.

And it’s time for us to strike back.

The economic downturn has hurt everyone, except the greedy. And being kicked out of one’s home by caviar-eating and champagne-swilling mortgage lenders can push anyone over the edge. But for one displaced American, homelessness is a rebirth as he discovers talents previously unknown… Take a trip down the streets of the NEW America in the haunting “Violence for Fun and Profit” by Gregory L. Norris, featured in Splatterlands, available now at Amazon.com.


Experience real pain in “Violence for Fun and Profit” by Gregory L. Norris

Who am I?

I am no one. I am everyone. I am shadow. I am light. I am somebody who has read a great many books. When you’re homeless, living in a small niche hidden behind the cement stairs of your local town library, you spend your days savoring the warmth inside the building, reading to pass the hours, the weeks, urinating and bathing in the public head, stealing coffee out of the staff lounge after you’ve mentally absorbed the routine enough so that you can sneak in and out unseen.

As for the nights? You huddle behind the stairs, listening to the occasional footsteps, growing angrier and more bitter at the realization that you’re being walked over, stepped upon, by so many rotten souls. And one day you just snap, knowing you’re going to get even. You’re going to take your revenge in blood. You’re going to kill.

Never do you imagine how good you’ll be at it. Even more curious, how much you’ll love it. Love it so much, you wonder if you’ll do it for sport, even if they hadn’t backed you into this dark and desolate corner.

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Illustrations by Luke Spooner/Carrion House.