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Speculative Fiction Author Daniel Braum Discusses American Ghosts and Savage Beasts

  Like a vinyl record from days gone by, author Daniel Braum's prose spins heads right round with a unique brand of speculative fiction that effortlessly blends elements of sci-fi, fantasy, horror and mysticism in every verse. Weaving a tapestry of quantum intelligence, Braum's multi-dimensional characters are drawn into worlds of dark spiritualism where concepts...

Hank Schwaeble on Horror Patriarch Edgar Allan Poe

  Bram Stoker Award-Winning Author Hank Schwaeble on the Impact of Horror Master Edgar Allan Poe   CHICAGO, Apr. 26, 2015—In this guest post for a Sunday afternoon, Bram Stoker Award-winning author Hank Scwaeble, contributor to our DEATH'S REALM  anthology, offers an engaging essay on the enduring impact of an author who has had what is arguably the...

Day 4: A Conversation with Death

  Matthew Pegg Talks to Death on the DEATH'S REALM  Death & Dying Tour   CHICAGO, Apr. 19, 2015—U.K. author and playwright Matthew Pegg has a bone to pick. And, today on the Death & Dying Tour, he sits down and goes head-to-head with the great equalizer himself and a conversations with Death. Pegg, author of the beautifully poignant...