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Announcing Death’s Realm from Grey Matter Press

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Anthony Rivera Email: anthony.rivera@greymatterpress.com Telephone: 847-424-8600 x112   NEW HORROR ANTHOLOGY TAKES READERS ON A HEART-POUNDING JOURNEY TO THE TERRIFYING INTERSECTION OF LIFE AND DEATH Dark Fiction Publisher Grey Matter Press Announces Contributor List, Volume Overview and Publication Timeline for Upcoming DEATH'S REALM  Anthology   CHICAGO, August 26, 2014 — A fatal collision between life and death is coming to...

Sneak Peek: “Queen of Thermodynamic Equilibrium” by Josh R. Vogt in EQUILIBRIUM OVERTURNED

Experience the Blasphemy of Life. The organization known as Immortalis is dedicated to eliminating death throughout the galaxy. But a resistance fighter, believing death should continue as the powerful cleansing force it is, has other plans. Taking her quest to the wreckage of a derelict intergalactic battleship haunted by the ghosts of war, she...