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Welcome to Your Nightmares. DREAD Arrives.

  Welcome to Your Nightmares Dark Fiction Fans Three Distinct Visions of Dread Arrive to Fill Heads with a Lifetime of Bad Dreams   CHICAGO, March 29, 2016 — In life there are some nightmares from which we can never wake, and a new volume of twenty hallucinatory revelations arrives to give fans of the genre a...

Speculative Fiction Author Daniel Braum Discusses American Ghosts and Savage Beasts

  Like a vinyl record from days gone by, author Daniel Braum's prose spins heads right round with a unique brand of speculative fiction that effortlessly blends elements of sci-fi, fantasy, horror and mysticism in every verse. Weaving a tapestry of quantum intelligence, Braum's multi-dimensional characters are drawn into worlds of dark spiritualism where concepts...

Dark Fiction Bestsellers – November 2015

  Horror/Sci-Fi Mashup OMINOUS REALITIES Continues Reign Topping List of Bestselling Dark Fiction Titles for November 2015   CHICAGO, December 8, 2015—The independent publisher of dark fiction, Grey Matter Press, today released sales data for its bestselling titles for the month of November 2015. The list of titles purchased most from all channels and in all available digital...

Dark Fiction Bestsellers – Week 34 (August 23-29, 2015)

  EQUILIBRIUM OVERTURNED  Recaptures the #1 Spot in the Grey Matter Press Top Seller List for Week 34   CHICAGO, September 6, 2015—The Grey Matter Press anthology that is an eclectic selection of dark fiction from accomplished authors from the fantasy, horror and speculative fiction genres, EQUILIBRIUM OVERTURNED,  recaptures the top position in the company's list of top...

Horror Bestsellers – Week 15 (Apr. 12-18)

  Horror Sci-Fi Anthology OMINOUS REALITIES  Tops Grey Matter Press List for 14th Week in Row this Year   CHICAGO, Apr. 21, 2015—The Grey Matter Press anthology that has held the top spot for the last 13 weeks does it again, ending the period of Week 15 (April 12-18, 2015) as the company's top selling title for...