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Welcome to the End of the World


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There’s only one apocalypse more frightening than the rest. It’s one from the mind of multiple Bram Stoker Award-nominated author John FD Taff.
Josh Malerman, New York Times bestselling author of Bird Box, says: “THE FEARING isn’t only Taff’s best book to date, it’s the kind you put on the shelf reserved for the ones that really did something to you, emotionally, intellectually, physically.”
Originally serialized in four volumes in 2019 and called “the event of the year,” the dystopian epic has returned in one complete book. Get your copies at the GMP Bookstore.

the fearing by john fd taff from grey matter press
Take a Walk on the Dark Side


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Devouring Dark

by Alan Baxter

A man plagued with a malevolent darkness uses these skills as a supernatural vigilante in this adrenaline-fueled urban thriller.


by Paul Kane

A series of disturbing hallucinations has a college lecturer fleeing an enigmatic pursuer in a life-or-death struggle in this supernatural thriller.

Seeing Double

by Karen Runge

A trio of obsessive young lovers pursue the deadliest of thrills in this dark psychological horror novel.

Peel Back the Skin

eds. Anthony Rivera & Sharon Lawson

Fifteen of horror's best unmask the actual source of society's greatest horrors -- the human monsters living down the street -- in this genre-busting anthology.

Mister White

by John C. Foster

When a group of American spies go bad, a young family finds themselves in desperate struggle for salvation in this rapid-fire occult supernatural thriller.

I Can Taste the Blood

eds. Anthony Rivera & John FD Taff

A cryptic line of grafitti found scrawled on a bathroom wall inspires five terrifying nightmares in this anthology the pushes the boundaries of horror fiction.

Manifest Recall

by Alan Baxter

After a psychotic break, a hitman and his captive find themselves in a battle between the deadly secrets of their present and the haunting ghosts of their past.

Death's Realm

eds. Anthony Rivera & Sharon Lawson

Sixteen disquieting stories of ghosts, demons and other monstrosities highlight this anthology of supernatural tales from the darkest of sides: the Other Side.

Little Black Spots

by John FD Taff

Fifteen pieces of dark horror fiction expose the delicate blemishes and sinister blots that tarnish the human condition in this masterpiece collection.


eds. Anthony Rivera & Sharon Lawson

Twenty tales of dark, supernatural and speculative fiction are picked solely by readers and assembled in this first Best of GMP volume of horror.

The Night Marchers

by Daniel Braum

Twelve truly unique tales of speculative fiction effortlessly blends fantasy, SciFi, mysticism and horror in every verse of this collection of delighfully weird fiction.

Suspended in Dusk II

ed. Simon Dewar

Seventeen of the most diverse voices in horror and speculative fiction provide disturbing visions from the place where life meets death in this shocking anthology of horror.


"Grey Matter Press has managed to establish itself as one of the premiere purveyors of horror fiction currently in existence. "

- FANGORIA Magazine


"The dark, all-encompassing theme seems to be the trademark of Grey Matter Press. When asked for a referral I often state without hesitation to the very press that has enchanted my reading attention."

- Dave Gammon, HORROR NEWS


"I would read any [Grey Matter Press book] without question based on the merit of past releases."



"Grey Matter Press has been notably consistent in the top-shelf quality of the books they publish. If you're not reading them, I urge you to unf*** that."

- Shane D. Keene, INK HEIST

Publishing Suspense Thrillers, Crime Noir, Dark Fantasy, Literary Fiction, Modern Horror, and much more


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Grey Matter Press: Where Dark Thoughts Thrive


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There’s a group of individuals among us whose diligent work is vital to everything we do in independent publishing. Their work is done in silence, without much fanfare, and often without the credit deserved.
Some we may know, still many others remain anonymous. But each and every one are unsung heroes.
Fueled by passion for literature and the desire to willingly travel the unfamiliar worlds mapped out on our pages, they’re the unheralded champions of the industry.

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Coming Soon

ROOSTER by John C. Foster

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New crime fiction from the author of The Isle and Mister White.

Arriving July 20, 2021.

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