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New Release from the Author of THE ISLE and MISTER WHITE

It’s Time to Snuff the ROOSTER

Decades in the Making John C. Foster’s Noir Thriller Rooster is Unleashed by Grey Matter Press

CHICAGO, July 20, 2021 — It began its life as a screenplay more than 20 years ago when author John C. Foster was looking for the proverbial “big break” in Hollywood. Now, two decades later, Foster has modified his original Rooster concept, adapting it into an atmospheric dark noir revenge novel that remains true to its cinematic roots.

With Rooster, Foster has created a high-octane, no-holds-barred race to outrun certain death. His anti-hero, John Gallo, is a professional hitman known in the criminal underworld as ‘Rooster’. Gallo suffers from mental illness and constantly battles his black dog of depression and substance abuse. When able to crawl from his downward spiral and throw himself into the job, he’s a proficient, stealthy and relentless killer. It’s when he learns someone has put a price on his head that he goes on the run only to realize that every two-bit street punk and criminal members of the highest echelons of organized crime are determined to cash in on the mysterious bounty and bring on end to his murderous reign.

Rooster crime noir by John C. Foster from Grey Matter Press edited by Anthony Rivera


In Rooster, Foster masterfully combines elements of noir and dark psychological fiction into a blood-soaked thriller rife with Quentin Tarantino-level mayhem in an expansive cat-and-mouse death race that pays modern-day homage to the 1970s cult-movie classic The Warriors. As is common with his previous work, Rooster brilliantly evokes the darkly atmospheric underground of his native New England while shining a bright light on the issues of mental health that are so important today.

Paperback and digital copies of Rooster are now available from bookstores worldwide, and paperbacks can be also be ordered directly from the Grey Matter Press Bookstore.




John C. Foster was born in Sleepy Hollow, NY, and has been afraid of the dark for as long as he can remember. A writer of thrillers and dark fiction, Foster lives in New York City with the actress Linda Jones and their dog, Coraline.  His novels The Isle (2018) and  Mister White (2016) were published by Grey Matter Press. Originally a short story, “Mister White” was included in the GMP anthology Dark Visions Vol. 2, and his “Burial Suit” was published in the publisher’s Death’s Realm anthology. Foster’s duet of road novels in the “Libros de Inferno” series, including Dead Men and Night Roads, were released by Perpetual Motion Machine Publishing, along with the short story collection Baby Powder and Other Terrifying Substances.  For more information, please visit his website at johnfosterfiction.com.


Grey Matter Press is a Chicago-based publisher whose mission it is to discover and cultivate the best voices working in the dark fiction genre. The company is committed to producing only the finest quality volumes of literary fiction containing exceptional tales of horror, fantasy, science fiction and speculative fiction. More information about Grey Matter Press is available at greymatterpress.com.


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